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Wisdom Industries was founded by Jerry Wisdom in 1969.  Jerry Wisdom was considered by many as a pioneer in the amusement industry by being one of the first in the business to trailer mount rides for the ease and portability of traveling shows.


As a teenager, Jerry worked for a traveling carnival and later went to College where he became a star football player.  Having turned down the opportunity to play professional football, he married the love of his life, Elaine, and joined her families traveling carnival.  In 1957, Jerry dismantled the family’s ferris wheel and mounted it to a tank hauler trailer which he purchased used.  Each winter after that, Jerry took on other mounting projects such as an Octopus and later the Tilt-A-Whirl.


In 1965, Jerry and Elaine bought the show and trailer mounted rides for other shows in the off season.  In 1969 the couple sold the show and began building and mounting amusement rides full time.  In 1973, Jerry purchased the rights to the “Whirlybird” and later renamed it the Sizzler.  Soon thereafter, Wisdom Industries created proven money makers such as the Gravitron, Dragon Wagon, Tornado, Himalaya, and many more.


After Jerry’s passing in 2003, Victor and his wife Mai continued Jerry’s innovative spirit in the development of new amusement rides with portability and profitability in mind.  Wisdom Rides still produces proven money makers such as the Sizzler, Gravitron (Starship), Dragon Wagon Coasters, Tornado, as well as new additions such as the Viper and Jungle Twist.


Wisdom Rides can be seen annually at industry trade shows including:


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