Class: Major Rides
Mount Type: Portable Model
Electrical Requirements: 208v / 225a / 3ph / 63kw
Dimensions (setup): 55' wide x 51' deep x 25' tall / racked on 1 53' - 30 ton semi trailer
Capacity: 22 cars - 2 or 3 per car / up to 1200 per hour

Price: Please Call


The Wisdom Square-Top Himalaya entertains customers of all ages. Young and old alike get great pleasure from this spectacular ride. It spins at 11.5 RPM for exciting big-ride action at a speed that thrills everyone. The kids love the ride action in the 22 spacious, flashy, one-piece fiberglass cars. Each car seat is lined with rugged, custom molded foam padding. Excited passengers add up to tremendous 1,200-per-hour capacity.

The Himalaya's European style 48' x 48' folding canopy with durable Lexan plastic scenery adds a touch of class, and 3,150 super-turbo lights make it stand out. The simple hydraulic drive smoothly accelerates the cars forward and backward to a breathtaking 11.5 RPM.  Air unlocking lap bars with double locks provide for safe, quick loading and unloading. 

Easy to set up, the Himalaya's floors hydraulically fold out to assemble the track and platform: you handle only two ieces of track and two platforms.  The 22 cars are easily handled with the overhead hoist system.  You won't need extra vehicles as everything folds up onto one 53' trailer. 

This Wisdom ride pulls easily with its tandem-axle air-ride suspension and is well within federal highway weight limits.