Looney Lagoon
Class: Family Rides
Mount Type: Portable or Park Model
Electrical Requirements: 208v / 80a / 3ph / 21kw
Dimensions (setup): 66' wide x 28' deep x 25' tall
Capacity: 6 cars - 2 or 3 per car / up to 650 per hour

Price: Please Call


Spinning coasters have been a great attraction in the carnival industry. The problem: they require many trucks and they're only able to ride adults and larger teenagers. They may look spectacular, but who can afford to move them every week and use them in every spot? Plus you're missing out on a large part of your customer base….children and the adults that accompany them.

The LOONEY LAGOON is a great ride for teenagers, children and parents. Based on the easy to move WISDOM roller coaster, the LOONEY LAGOON is a fun, low-maintenance, high grossing ride. As with all of WISDOM’S roller coaster designs, the scenery is a beautiful marquee that stands out on every midway.

While the train is stopped in the station, each car locks so that all the cars are facing to the front, making it easy for kids and parents to get in and out of the cars. Each lap bar swings closed to securely restrain kids and the passengers seated while the ride is operated. Once the ride is loaded the operator releases the air locking mechanism allowing the cars to freely spin and starts the train. As a coaster goes around the track, gravity and banking of the track causes each car to spin. Each car spins at different times and in different speeds as they travel around the 60 foot oval track.

Parents and children both fit comfortably in each spinning coaster car. One adult and three children can easily fit in each car.

When it’s time to set up, no problem. The LOONEY LAGOON is extremely portable and can be set up by two people, in only two hours. Custom tracks are available to fit your operation, clients, and the level of thrill you want.

The LOONEY LAGOON is a great high grossing ride on every midway. Young and old alike enjoy the thrill of riding in a spinning coaster. With the WISDOM LOONEY LAGOON, your return on investment and the children’s excitement will continue to grow for many years to come.