Class: Family Rides
Mount Type: Portable Model
Electrical Requirements: 208v / 15kw
Dimensions (setup): 63' wide x 16' deep x 25' tall / racked on 1 28' - 12 ton semi trailer (can be in doubles)
Capacity: Over 1000 per hour with 3 operators

Price: Please Call


The Raiders has proven to be the most successful Kiddie soft play in the business year after year.

The new front scenery package, PIRATES ISLAND, is a wonderful attractive scenery package for a great ride with a tremendous capacity of 900 or more per hour. No other kiddie ride has been as successful as the Raiders.

Every show wants and needs light towers to flash a midway. The PIRATES ISLAND / RAIDERS is a great way to give a midway super flashy light towers that more than pays for itself at the same time. The PIRATES ISLAND / RAIDERS includes eight 1500 watt quartz lights around the towers to light a broad area. Even, more lights can be easily added if you like.

There are 10 attractions on the PIRATE ISLAND / RAIDERS:

  • 45 foot fiberglass slide to air pillow
  • Cargo Net Climb
  • Rubber Band Maze
  • Pillow Bounce
  • Steps up to tower
  • Balance Walk
  • Suspension bridge up to tower
  • Air slide
  • Suspension bridge across to other tower
  • Punching Bags

The key feature of our slide is that it will work under almost any condition hot, cold or wet. It is not necessary to use a mat when sliding down the slide. This saves a lot of aggravation for the operator, and for the customers. The system of plastic we use eliminates the problem of elbow burns from the fiberglass. No lubrication is needed.

One person can operate the PIRATES ISLAND / RAIDERS when business is slow, two for up to 700 an hour and three for full capacity.