Dive Bomber
Class: Kiddie Rides
Mount Type: Portable or Park Model
Electrical Requirements: 208v / 80a / 3ph / 20kw
Dimensions (setup): 35' circle x 14' tall / racked on 1 22' 11,000lb trailer
Capacity: 6 cars - 4 per car / 12 adults or 24 children per load / 240 per hour

Price: Please Call


The dream of every child is to fly their own plane and the DIVE BOMBER fits the bill. The 6 classic style planes
hold 4 children or 2 adults and 2 children in each plane. With all 6 planes loading at the same time the DIVE BOMBER
has a great capacity to carry loads of children and their parents.

This great looking kid ride has a smooth octopus type action. To start this action the operator starts the center turning.
The center then rises with a single hydraulic cylinder. The planes climb into the air one after the other just like in the
movies. Next the center oscillating action starts to turn causing the planes to zoom up toward the sky and swoop down
toward the ground. The super smooth action of this ride is fun and exciting for children of all ages.

Moving the DIVE BOMBER is quick and easy. The entire ride loads on the trailer-mounted center in just 1 hour with
2 people. The 6 fiberglass planes load on the trailer; the sweeps fold up, and then load the fence, making this one of the
fastest moving rides in the business. The ball hitch tandem axle trailer pulls behind a pickup making this ride great for
picnic operations.

The park model can also be easily installed indoors or out for a super attraction at parks everywhere. Every child will
love to be the master of the sky on this beautiful high capacity kid ride.

New for 2003 is a 28' single axle trailer and platform option. The trailer lets down to the ground, the wings fold down
and a gorgeous European style is ready to operate. The 28' trailer allows towing and thus, load behind.