Space Sled
Class: Major Rides
Mount Type: Portable Model
Electrical Requirements: 208v / 100a / 6ph / 36kw
Dimensions (setup): 64' dia. x 24' tall
Capacity: 650/hr

Price: Please Call


The Space Sled is a great ride for all ages, Each two- passenger car flies up, out, around, and down, giving the feeling of flying through space. The Space Sled’s 12 seats load quickly with a latching safety cage over each passenger. The air unlocking system automatically releases each car’s safety cage, allowing all passengers to exit at the same time. Get ready for a wild rocket ride you’II never forget. At the beginning of each ride cycle, passengers lie down on individual couches. Then the safety cage is lowered to enclose them. Once all passengers are loaded, the ride spins up to speed and then the center lifts and tilts to give a fantastic swooping action. With each turn of the ride, the riders shriek with delight as they are whirled  directly toward the ground before they are safely launched straight into the sky.  Designed for easy setup and outstanding midway appeal. The Space Sled’s portable units set up in just two hours with two people. Exceptionally easy to transport, many owners pull its 30—foot load as a second trailer in a doubles load. The super vacu-formed scenery and running lights make the Space Sled a real standout among other rides, attracting riders from all over the midway Its standard diameter of 64 feet will fit midway and park layouts of all kinds and sizes.  The Space Sled’s 800-guests-per-hour capacity allows operators to maximize profits while safely providing a wide range of children and adults the ride of a lifetime.