Raiders - Stretch
Class: Kiddie Rides
Mount Type: Portable Model
Electrical Requirements: 208v / 15a /
Dimensions (setup): 70' long x 16' wide x 32' tall
Capacity: 2 operators - 800/hr; 4 operators - 1000/hr

Price: Please Call


Wisdom's RAIDERS has been the top soft play ride attraction on every midway for over a decade. Now STRETCH RAIDERS takes this excitement to a new level. STRETCH RAIDERS features: punching bags, a cargo net climb, a rubber band maze, expanded twin suspension bridges and a 40' fiberglass slide to a huge pillow bounce. UHMW plastic lining on the slide eliminates the need for those messy burlap bags. Floors are covered with a special foam padding for long life and for increased safety. Kids and their parents can enjoy STRETCH RAIDERS together, doubling ticket revenue. Repeat riding is almost assured. Set up time is only 1 1/2 hours with 2 men. Both of the top floors stay assembled. Stand the towers up, flip the light brackets, hang the rainbows and plug in the quartz lights. The 40' slide is now raised hydraulically into position. STRETCH RAIDERS takes up approximately the same space (70' long by 16' deep) as RAIDERS, but appears much more massive since the towers are now 13' more apart. The ride and the midway will be lit up with four 1500 watt quartz lights on each tower. Best of all is the potential ridership capacity. Two operators can handle 800 riders per hour, while 4 can handle 1200 per hour at full capacity.