Class: Spectacular Rides
Mount Type: Portable or Park Model
Electrical Requirements: 208v / 200a / 3ph / 56kw
Dimensions (setup): 63' long x 21' deep x 29' tall / racked on 1 53' - 63,000lb semi trailer
Capacity: 24 per ride - 1 per seat / 960 per hour

Price: Please Call


Wisdom Industries has 3 great scenery packages for its Genesis Ride - Genesis, Avalanche, and Moby Dick.  Wisdom has added hundreds of lights to the scenery edge.  Along with 4-1500 watt quartz lights make the all the themes stand out on every midway.

The high-profile scenery rises a full 31 feet in the air, to stand out on every midway.  Each scenery package is ideal to attract the entire family.  The Broadway-like stage measures 63 feet from side to side, with spectacular scenery and a lighting package that includes two high-intensity strobe lights.  You’ll realize maximum profits from these attractive packages and they still fold on one 53-foot trailer.

Give your park or midway an added piece of pizzazz that will turn heads and make a profit.

Proven year after year to be a  top grossing rides on every midway or park.  Teenagers & families ride time and time again.