Pirate's Hideaway
Class: Spectacular Rides
Mount Type: Portable or Park Model
Electrical Requirements: 208v / 100a / 3ph / 20kw
Dimensions (setup): 89 wide X 50 deep X 25 high
Capacity: 5 cars with 4-6 per car / 650 per hour

Price: Please Call


The Pirate's Hideaway is a new spectacular attraction for families. While the ride is a roller coaster, it also features the elements of a dark ride or themed flume ride.

Up to 6 passengers enter the attractive themed pirate ship cars and are restrained by Wisdom's exclusive ratcheting lapbars.

The cars then roll to the unique spiral lift system. As the cars spiral up the people on the midway can see the cars climb to the top of the lift. After the car kicks off it flies through 2 dips right at the front of the attraction and then disappears into the back of the ride. The cars then twist and turn finally returning to the loading area. The back of the ride is all enclosed for the Dark ride effect where, optional tricks can be installed. Safety is paramount with 6 intermediate braking sections automatically controlled by a sensor system should a car stop on the track.

The Pirate's Hideaway is an attraction that young and old will love.