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Class: Family Rides
Mount Type: Portable or Park Model
Electrical Requirements: 208v / 100a / 3ph / 23kw
Dimensions: 45' circle / 20' high - Racked on 1-28' / 8 ton Pintle-Hitch Trailer
Capacity: 8 cars / 4 per car / 32 per ride / 650 per hour

Height Requirements and Rider Restrictions

Must be 38" tall or taller to ride.
Under 48" requires an adult.


The TORNADO is a thrilling new ride that is enjoyed by children, teens and families of all types.

This intermediate “tweener” ride has a super capacity of over 650 per hour. The TORNADO has 8 cars that hold 4 passengers per car. Each passenger has their own seat restraint. Loading is easy with all cars loaded simultaneously. You need only to check that each restraint is fastened.

The passengers spin the cars themselves so they can have the ride they want. After the rotation reaches 10 RPM, the entire ride lifts 7-1/2 feet and tilts at 20 degrees. This gives a great visual effect and causes the cars to swing in and out. After about 45 seconds, the ride lowers and the invertor drive smoothly brings the ride to a stop. Air brakes bring each car to a smooth stop and the passengers unload. Unquestionably a fun ride.

Easy, fast, 1-1/2 hour set up with 2 men. After the TORNADO is on location, telescope the hitch in, swing out the sweeps. Lower the cars, unfold the scenery and set up the fence.

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