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Flying Turtles
Class: Family Rides
Mount Type: Portable Model
Electrical Requirements: 208v / 100a / 3ph / 23kw
Dimensions: 32' deep x 45' wide x 19' tall / racked on 1 45' - 12 ton semi trailer
Capacity: 16 cars - 2 or 3 per car / up to 960 per hour

Height Requirements and Rider Restrictions

Must be 36" tall or taller to ride.
Under 48" requires an adult.


Youngsters get big time pleasure with the FLYING TURTLES Matterhorn Style family ride. The FLYING TURTLES spins at 11.5 RPM for exciting big-ride action at a speed which youngsters can handle easily. The kids love the ride action and their parents can ride with them in the spacious molded fiberglass cars.

"Good Looking" is what your customers will say when they see this ride. Your FLYING TURTLES has flashy metal flake cars that are lined with aluminum flooring and molded foam padding. The canopy has durable Lexan plastic scenery for a touch of class, combined with 1100 super turbo lights to make it stand out in the crowd. All other family rides pale in comparison.

The FLYING TURTLES has a different Matterhorn action, as the seats rock side to side as they fly around.

The portable FLYING TURTLES sets up easily in 2 hours. The ratchet lap bars close for quick loading and the air unlocking system make for super fast unloading. You won’t need extra vehicles because everything folds up on the single axle trailer.

The FLYING TURTLES, with great money-making capacity, is a super piece for any carnival operation.

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