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Grand Wheel
Class: Spectacular Rides
Mount Type: Portable Model
Electrical Requirements: 208v / 225a / 3ph / 60kw
Dimensions: 85' wide x 25' deep x 90' tall / racked on 1 53' - 35 ton semi trailer
Capacity: 14 cars - 820lbs per car / max 56 adults or 72 children / 1200 per hour

Height Requirements and Rider Restrictions

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Wisdom Industries, Ltd. ONE TRUCK GRAND WHEEL is a spectacular 90 foot tall wheel that is unquestionably the easiest giant wheel to move in the industry. Four men-6 hours, is all it takes to move this beautiful ride.

The 2150 dazzling Italian lights and 14 spacious gondolas are a beautiful addition to every show and will draw crowds from all over.

The 14 attractive gondolas comfortably seat 4 adults and 6 children each. The high sides and latched entrance door give a feeling of security while allowing an outstanding view. During operation 2 gondolas can be loaded at a time to give a huge 1200 passengers per hour operation.

The GRAND WHEEL sets up easily with the unique folding tower system, which makes it quick to stand the wheel without having to have anyone climb a tower to make the connection. After the towers are stood only 2 pins are required to be installed halfway up the tower leg to lock the legs. The top towers are already permanently connected.

The cars hang from 4 sealed bearings and are finished with a custom molded lexan panel painted to the customer’s specification.

The air clutch and brake system eliminated the high maintenance electronic control systems. The increased reliability is sure to improve the grosses for every show.

Shows of all sizes can now bring a large spectacular wheel to every celebration.

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