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Portable Carousel
Class: Family Rides
Mount Type: Portable Model
Electrical Requirements: 3ph / 16kw
Dimensions: 36'-6" dia. x 24' tall
Capacity: 1200/hr

Height Requirements and Rider Restrictions

Under 48" requires an adult.


Never before has running, transporting and setting up a carousel been easier. This season WMI Industries new PORTABLE CAROUSEL adds a new dimension to owning a carousel. Your PORTABLE CAROUSEL combines the features you like most in a carousel with a new ease of portability never before available. . The heart of the WMI Industries PORTABLE CAROUSEL is its innovative design, which allows a 36' diameter ride to be folded onto its own specially designed trailer. The canopy folds easily—including scenery—after removing only the medallions. The few pieces which don’t remain on the folding sweeps are easily racked in the closed trailer. This PORTABLE CAROUSEL is completely self contained! No need for a van or truck for carousel pieces. When you set up the PORTABLE CAROUSEL just set the center section legs down, fold out the sweeps, and pull out from under the center. Then all your horses, platforms and other pieces are close by in one place-ready to go on the ride. WMI's PORTABLE CAROUSEL is decked out with durable Lexan plastic scenery pieces which are not only extraordinarily beautiful, but will be protected for many years with minimal effort on your part. Turbo lighting and an array of bright colors make this PORTABLE CAROUSEL an attractive addition to any midway. Choose from two models—a 28’ trailer which is able to pull doubles or a 36’ trailer which allows the horses to remain on the rods when they’re racked.

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