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Class: Kiddie Rides
Mount Type: Portable Model
Electrical Requirements: 220v / 3ph / 12.7kw
Dimensions: 45' dia
Capacity: 720/hr

Height Requirements and Rider Restrictions

Must be 36" tall or taller to ride.
Under 42" requires an adult.


The Squadron looks like any other airplane ride at first glance, but on closer inspection, it becomes obvious that this is far from your typical kiddie ride.  Each of the six WWII fighter planes is individually controlled to move up and down in a diving motion that gives the rider the sensation of actually flying their own plane. As an added feature, each rider can push buttons that create three different sounds to add just enough excitement to give big time fun to the little ones. Each plane can hold four passengers and an air operated system allows planes to gently land on the platform for easy loading and unloading. An awesome lighting package makes this ride stand out after dark. Each plane even has a propeller that spins as the planes circle the 35’ dia. platform. The entire ride folds up in ninety minutes using two to three people. The new Squadron from Wisdom Industries - it’s a winning attraction for the kids, as well as for your park or midway. Also available in whale character cars. 

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