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Class: Spectacular Rides
Mount Type: Portable Model
Electrical Requirements: 208v / 125a / 3ph / 45kw
Dimensions: 54' wide x 61' deep x 22' tall
Capacity: 1000/hr

Height Requirements and Rider Restrictions

Must be 42" tall or taller to ride.
Under 48" requires an adult.


Ever been in a raging storm? Of course not-unless you’ve had the joy of riding Wisdom’s Storm. With three separate spinning actions, the Storm offers riders incredible thrills you can’t find on any other ride in its class.  Once started, Stom’s main turntable, which is also the loading platform, spins at 8.25 rpm, then the cars begin to spin themselves.
On top of this main turntable are two smaller platforms that are driven by a separate drive system at 5.25 rpm, two pairs of cars are mounted on each small turntable. And to top it off; each eight passenger car has it’s own drive motor and spins the cars at 12.25 rpm. That’s right-three separate spinning actions, all active at the same time. The result is an amazing experience that keeps riders coming back for more.

The Storm’s air unlocking system quickly unlatches and raises every car’s lapbars at the same time. The attractive lighting on the cars and dramatic back wall scenery make the Storm a great attention getter on every midway and for portable turits, the Storm is easy to set up and take down, requiring only one and one-half hours and two people. At any park or midway; the Storm is a spinning, high- capacity ride for thrill lovers of all ages-and a top-grossing attraction for its owners.

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