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Sizzler - Super
Class: Major Rides
Mount Type: Portable Model
Electrical Requirements: 208v / 150a / 3ph / 30kw
Dimensions: 60' circle x 24' tall / racked on 1 53' - 26 ton semi trailer
Capacity: 12 cars - 2 or 3 per car / 800 per hour

Height Requirements and Rider Restrictions

Must be 36" tall or taller to ride.
Under 48" requires an adult.


European styling and rugged American workmanship have been combined to give you the best possible attraction with the SUPER SIZZLER. It's a combination which gives you a spectacular ride with dashing good looks which is at the same time rugged and durable.

The SUPER SIZZLER is decked out with deluxe lighting on the sweeps and cars. Over 2,000 lights make it one of the brightest attractions on the midway, and with seven 1,500 watt quartz lights, this ride jumps out at night. With the SUPER SIZZLER's improvements, including a faster ride, it's also one of the most profitable.

Platforms with aluminum diamond plate decking fold out quickly from the trailer to form a deck under the entire ride. No more muddy, slick surfaces for the customer, making it quicker and easier to get into the seats. The European style operator's booth makes running the SUPER SIZZLER a pleasure and keeps the standard sound system and controls protected from the weather.

The entire ride is driven by one 30 HP three phase motor. One hydraulic motor drives a geared slew ring bearing and three hydraulic motors power the tires on friction-drive spindles. This simplifies the hydraulic system and makes operation and repair much easier. The main center pole drive has two speeds and gives a different action at each speed. The two speeds also allow you to balky the ride like a Himalaya. The two-speed drive accelerates and stops quickly, increasing capacity per hour.

The seats have been completely redesigned to be modem and stylish. Running lights on each car and four quartz halogen lamps in each foot tub will catch every eye on the midway. The lap bar lock has been redesigned and features a mechanical locking system with air release. Customers may close the lap bar, but only your operator can open it.

The SUPER SIZZLER is a spectacular European-looking ride built the rugged, easy-to-move American way!

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